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005 Nathan Ohren on Journaling (Plus a bonus 30 day challenge)

This week I pushed up an interview with Nathan Ohren to get the word out on the 30 Day Digital Challenge. It starts on October 1!

Journaling is one of the most high leverage tactics for self improvement, problem solving and mental health. In this episode, Nathan and I talk about examples of journaling success, the three primary benefits of journaling, and the 30 Day Challenge.

Some resources from the episode:

Nathan’s Website: Write4Life


The 30 Day Digital Journaling Challenge

Easy Journaling (Digital Journaling resource)


002 Nathan Shafer on Ninjas, Heroes, and the Most Powerful Word in English

Nathan Shafer

Nathan and I discuss heroes, goals, and the most powerful word in the English language. I’ve included links to all of the resources mentioned in this cast.


Kasey Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior

Big Messy Bites with Nathan Shafer

Nathan’s episode on the same topic is HERE.

Never Ever Give Up – Arthor Boorman’s weight loss

Roger Bannister – Wikipedia page

Stephen King On Writing